The energy supply on LARGYALO will be carried out in an ecologically sustaining way. That means: sustainable energy production with no utilisation of fossil fuels.

The realisation of this energy concept shall prove that a selfsufficient  energy supply without the use of fossil fuels is possible in the densely populated microcosm “ship”. Still, a high standard of living quality should be ensured.

To accomplish an almost self-sufficient energy supply we have to look for energy supplies on board, which make us as independent as possible of fuel and gas. All the usual on-board electrical appliances, including cooking and baking, work electrically and/or with the use of solar heat or mechanical power. A special feature of the concept is that the boat will be electrically driven.

The surplus of energy will be stored in batteries which can then be used during peak consumption or when no electricity is produced. Thus, the energy management and above all, energy saving, is very important.

The summary shows an energy need of almost 12 -14 KWh (full occupancy/day).Only favourable weather conditions allow to obtain such a high amount of energy from nature. Therefore, the minimizing of the consumption is the most important measure.

This will be achieved by

 thoughtful use of electric appliances

minimizing energy loss

efficient electrical equipment and the use of suitable and

innovative energy saving technologies

direct use of solar heat

This reduces the overall energy need to more than 50%. An energy balance simulating the various operating conditions shows an energy surplus of at least 30% in all assumed cases, resulting from the savings. Nevertheless, there are conditions like overcast skies or persisting calms that cause an insufficient energy production. In this case, the missing energy has to be taken from the overflow of the preceding days, that has been stored in the batteries. Should it be foreseeable that the capacity will not be sufficient, saving measures have to be taken as early as possible.

Turning away from fossil sources is not the only solution for the energy problem, but as well the saving of uselessly wasted energy.

This particular fact is demonstrated and approached by LARGYALO’s concept .

Detailed overview